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Cancer Policy & Economics Conference: Ensuring Quality and Equality of Treatment

Feb. 24, 2015,Hotel Grande Bretagne

Cancer is not only the main therapeutic challenge of our society, being one of the most serious and fatal diseases worldwide, but also a great challenge for healthcare system sustainability, because of its significant economic burden on budgets of state and individuals. In the coming decades, changes in cancer rates related to demographic shifts in EU are about to offset recent mortality reductions and result in a marked increase in the number of new cancer diagnoses made each year. In Greece as in EU, cancer is projected to become the nation’s leading cause of death over the next decade as the population ages. On the other hand, the research on cancer treatment and prevention has set the lights of pharmaceutical industry and academic society on it. The conference will focus on the adoption of strong policies at a national and international level, in order to exploring opportunities to significantly improve cancer patient outcomes by fostering innovative research approaches and intensifying cancer prevention research efforts to reduce the economical burden targeted to this disease.

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