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The overall content and services of the Boussias Communications website, which from now on will be called "Boussias Conferences" is available to visitors strictly for personal use purposes. Boussias Communications may not be held liable for any errors or omissions, and reserves its right to introduce changes to the website when it sees fit without prior notice. Boussias Communications may under no circumstances be held liable for any damages as a result of any use of the Boussias Conferences website and/ or of the information contained in it. More specifically, Boussias Communications may not be held liable for any special, indirect, consequential or occasional, or direct damages from visiting its website and/ or using its services or the information in Boussias Conferences. Boussias Communications may not be held liable for the content of third party websites linked to or mentioned in Boussias Conferences. Visitors of the Boussias Conferences website unreservedly accept these terms and use of the Boussias Conferences services requires the unreserved acceptance of the following terms governing the use of services.

Boussias Communications makes all efforts to ensure that the information and other data available on its website are correct and complete, however, it does not guarantee and expressly disclaims all express or implicit liability, as well as any liability vis-ΰ-vis third parties, including any liability about possible additional errors, inaccuracies, or omissions given also that the creation of new services is an ongoing process and the information posted may not be updated on a daily basis.

Boussias Communications may not be held liable for nor does it provide guarantees about the legitimacy, validity, accuracy, correctness, stability, or updating, suitability or marketability for any purpose of any or all of the information available on its website, the operation and use of any service on the 'Boussias Conferences' website. Boussias Communications may not be held liable for the loss of any information of any manner sent to or through its website. In no case shall Boussias Communications be held liable for any special, direct, indirect, criminal, secondary damages or any damages in general that result from the loss of use, information or profits, regardless of the cause or manner, that results from or is related to the use or running of software, the provision or inadequate provision of services, access or inability on your part to access our services, or use and reliance by you on information available through such services, including any secondary, special or similar damages.

The information you access or receive as a user member by making use of any service available on the Boussias Conferences website if sent or mailed by other user members or third parties, is not verified, nor checked, examined or validated by Boussias Communications. Boussias Communications does not ensure nor guarantee that any program or information on this website is free of viruses or of any other electronic element harmful for the operating system of your computer. It is the exclusive responsibility of each user to isolate both software and files, use antivirus software and ensure on their own that the software they use and their files, if infected, shall not destroy their information or system.

Boussias Communications stores information, known as "cookies", in your computer when you visit the Boussias Conferences website. Cookies help users visiting the website and allow Boussias Communications to provide a better service level. For instance, thanks to cookies, users do not need to enter their information each time they visit the website, and Boussias Communications can provide customized ads and content to each user. Should a user so wish, they can delete or deactivate cookies. Help screens or the service manual indicate to users how to do this. However, certain services of Boussias Communications may not work if a user has set their browser to not accept cookies.

Boussias Communications retains the right and has the exclusive discretion to: (a) introduce enhancements and/ or changes to each service and/ or software provided on this website, including but not limited to the change or deletion of user names and passwords; (b) discontinue any service and/ or software and refrain from publishing on its website and remove from it any information or material provided or placed there by a user, at any time without prior notice, mainly but not exclusively on grounds of operability, security or other necessary reasons; (c) use the proposals or information provided by user members in any way it sees legally fit (such as to protect personal data).

The services provided by Boussias Communications on its Boussias Conferences website are free of charge. Boussias Communications is entitled at any time and without prior notice to discontinue or suspend the provision of such services or change their nature and content. Also, the provision of such services may be discontinued or suspended or hindered temporarily or permanently as a result of events outside the control or regardless of the volition of Boussias Communications. Boussias Communications may not be held liable for any damages to users visiting its Boussias Communications website.

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