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Boussias Communications

About Boussias Communications

Boussias Communications is an independent business publishing and information company, with a leading position in the markets of advertising, marketing, media, and communication services as well as in telecommunications, IT and HR in Greece. The company was founded in 1980, employs 70 people and is headquartered in Athens.


The titles of Boussias Communications include

The weekly “Marketing Week” and the daily electronic newsletter “Daily Fax” for the professionals of marketing, advertising, media and communications.

The fortnightly “Net Week” and the daily electronic newsletter “Net Fax”, both focusing on the developments and news in the IT and telecoms industries as well as offering the IT professionals the best insight of their industry.

The monthly “HR Professional” assists Human Resources professionals in learning the latest trends and practices in their sector on a national and international level.

The monthly “Customer Management” caters for managers responsible for raising and maintaining the satisfaction level of the customer.

Boussias Communications has agreements with other publishing companies and magazines such as arvard Business Review and Business and Strategy. Most Boussias Communicatiosn publications, include the most recent articles from the above mentioned international titles, translated in Greek.


The company also publishes an annual marketing directory, “Marketing Guide” and an annual Human Resources directory “HR Guide”.

Online Publishing

Boussias Communications is currently developing separate websites for each of their magazines. At the moment the first website has been launched, which encompasses news, jobs, reviews, a directory of leading marketing suppliers for marketing and marketing-related professionals.


Boussias Communications is the leading independent organizer and producer of business conferences, forums and exhibitions. In 2006, 12 conferences were organized, on a wide range of topics addressing the respective markets of Boussias Communication?s magazine titles. Moreover, Marketing Expo 2006, the biggest marketing expo in Greece, was organized by Boussias Communications and attracted more than 110 exhibitors and over 6500 visitors. Within Marketing Expo, Boussias Communications put together Advertising Week 2006, consisting of 15 management level conferences featuring distinguished speakers from Greece and abroad. In 2007, 16 major conferences will be organized. They are expected to attract international speakers who are experts in their fields, ensuring the highest quality of presentation as well as extensive and active participation by the Greek industry.

Some of the conferences that are being conducted on an annual basis include Marketing Directors Forum, Sales Management Forum, Customer Care Conference, Business Telecommunications Conference, Executive Seminar on People Management and others.

Amongst the distinguished international speakers who have presented at Boussias Communications events are the following:

C.K. Prahalad, Business Strategist

Alastair Campbell, Communications and Strategy Director to Prime Minister Tony Blair

Scott Bedbury, Chief Marketing Officer, Nike & Starbucks

Malcolm McLaren, Founder of Sex Pistols

Bob Isherwood, Worldwide Creative Director, Saatchi&Saatchi

Martin Lindstrom

Howard Draft, President Draft Worldwide

Jim Chisholm, Joint Principal, IMedia/IFRA

Maeve Donovan, Managing Director of The Irish Times Ltd.

Chris Llewellyn, General Manager, Emap International

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