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Jeremy Hope

Jeremy Hope

The leading thinker of performance management.

Jeremy Hope is the author of a number of articles and books on performance management and associated leadership issues. His article on Beyond Budgeting with colleague Robin Fraser won the prestigious IFAC award for best management accounting article of 1998. He is co-author (with Robin Fraser) of an article entitled Who Needs Budgets in the Harvard Business Review, February 2003.

He is a renowned author of management books, Beyond Budgeting (2003) (co-authored with Robin Fraser), Re-inventing the CFO (2006), Transforming the Bottom Line (1995) and Competing in the Third Wave (1997), both co-authored with his brother Tony Hope). His books have been translated into many languages and won coveted awards in the USA.

He has given many keynote speeches at major conferences on performance management topics. He began his career as a chartered accountant and has since had experience in venture capital and business management. Since 1998 his work has been focused on "Beyond Budgeting" and he is currently research director of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT), an organization dedicated to helping firms improve their performance management processes.

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