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Harold Kerzner

Harold  Kerzner

World's most renowned PM expert.

Harold Kerzner, (M.S., Ph.D., Engineering and M.B.A) is Professor of Systems Management at Baldwin-Wallace College. He is also Executive Director for Project Management for the International Institute for Learning and President of Project Management Associates, Inc., a project management consulting company based in Ohio. Dr. Kerzner’s expertise is in the areas of project management and strategic planning. Dr. Kerzner has previously taught engineering at the University of Illinois and business administration at Utah State University. He obtained his industrial experience at Thiokol Corporation where he held both program management and project engineering responsibilities on a variety of NASA, Air Force, Army, Navy and independent IR&D programs.

He has published or presented more than 250 engineering and business papersand seminars, and has 19 texts entitled: Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and Controlling; Project Management for Bankers; Project Management Policy and Strategy: Cases and Situations; Project Management for Executives; Case Studies in Project Management; A Handbook for Proposal Preparation and Management; Project Management for the Small and Medium Sized Business; Operating Guidelines for Project Management; Strategic Planning; A Dictionary of Terms for Project Management; Team Management; An Introduction to Operations Research for Managerial Decisions; Investing in the Corporate Bond Market; A Practical Guide to Strategic Planning; In Search of Excellence in Project Management; Applied Project Management: Best Practices in Implementation; Strategic Planning for Project Management Using a Project Management Maturity Model, A Casebook in Project Management, Advanced Project Management: Best Practices in Implementation and Logic Puzzles for Project Managers.

Dr. Kerzner has consulted for corporations in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and Canada. More than 300,000 participants have attended Dr. Kerzner’s lectures on Project Management.

Dr. Kerzner has conducted three live worldwide, satellite videobroadcasts on project management: “How to Achieve Maturity in Project Management”, “Achieving Behavior Excellence in Project Management”, and “In Search of Excellence in Project Management”. All three programs were sponsored by Microsoft Corporation and were televised worldwide. Nortel cosponsored the last videoconference. He has also prepared 15 videotapes on Basic Project Management Principles and 3 videotapes on Best Practices on Project Management Implementation.

The Northeast Ohio Chapter of the Project Management Institute has initiated the Kerzner Award granted yearly to a company or individual that has demonstrated excellence in Project Management. The International Institute for Learning has initiated the Kerzner International Project Manager of the Year Award announced yearly for one project manager worldwide that has demonstrated excellence in project management. The University of Illinois has granted Dr. Kerzner the Distinguished Alumni Award for his contributions to the field of Project Management. Also, Utah State University presented Dr. Kerzner with the 1998 Distinguished Service Award for his contributions to Project Management.

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