Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Banker' s Review

Banker' s Review

Bankerís Review is the only Greek magazine analysing management issues for the banking community in Greece.

It includes unique analyses, reports, interviews, and features in a plethora of subjects, such as:

  • Operations & IT
  • International Banking
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Human Capital
  • CSR
  • Marketing
  • Retail Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Bancassurance

It also publishes a strategic report through cooperation with Harvard Business Review.

Bankerís Review is characterized by its ďlivelyĒ way of analysing subjects, activating a serious amount of high-level banking executives in Greece to write specific articles or being interviewed on a series of subjects. All four published issues till today have also published unique articles and interviews with ministers of the Greek government.

Bankerís Review is sent by subscription to 4,000 executives, with the majority of them being active members of the banking community. The rest include executives from services companies, vendors, and consultants.

The magazine is published in a bi-monthly basis and is the organizer of one of the largest Banking Conferences in Greece, ie. Bank Management Conference. In 2007 Bank Management Conference hosted C.K. Prahalad as a keynote speaker and 4 panel discussions, in which C-Level executives and Directors from the Greek banking industry discussed issues and challenges on business strategy, Operations & IT, Risk Management, and Customer Management.

Further more Bankerís Review has formed a partnership with FT Global Events to organize the annual Banking on Greece conference which brings together international decision makers and experts to analyse and assess how the market is developing.